Neanderthal Arts Festival was an emerging artists theatre festival that took place during the month of July in Vancouver, British Columbia. The festival ran between 2010 until 2012.

Neanderthal Arts was a curated, developmental arts festival. The professional series provides a platform for theatre artists and companies to showcase and try out new and experimental work. Our objective was to feature primarily new Canadian work, although we welcomed submissions from companies wishing to premiere new international work or re-interpretations of classics from the theatre canon, especially Canadian works. In particular, we encouraged work that takes risks, is creative and has a clear artistic vision. At the same time, Neanderthal Arts looked for work that was accessible and engaging for our core target-demographic of 20-40 year olds.

For our part, Neanderthal Arts provided successful companies with venues, technical staff, publicity and marketing, ticket sales, equitable performance scheduling and front of house management. Neanderthal Arts' goal was to provide the best possible production resources at the lowest cost, attract the largest audiences possible to the work we present and create an environment that will support artistic and professional career development.

The festival was co-produced by Left Right Minds and Upintheair Theatre. Ned The Neanderthal designed by Victor Terzis.

We had fun, didn't we?