Walking Fish Festival Showcase

SHOW: The Walking Fish Showcase
PRODUCER: Upintheair Theatre & Left Right Minds
VENUE: The Cultch Historic Theatre

THEME: Science & Transformation


A bright streak across the sky. A vacuum where an explosion should've been heard. A restricted area. A scientist, a politician, a general, and the media. What happens when a world altering secret cannot be kept?

At First I Thought It Was A...

Surplus outdated technology litters our streets. Most of that technology becomes fragmented and we no longer recognize what it once was.  By dissecting found objects, creators Stacy Sherlock and Emily Griffiths will transform these pieces…these fragments... these technologies, into new thoughts, new forms, new ideas, and most importantly new theatrical presentation.


When a young man loses the very thing that makes him a man, where does he turn?  What will make him a Real Man, give him indisputable strength and power that he couldn’t hide, even if he wanted to?  What will never wither, grow flaccid, or die?  A canon arm.  Yes, that’s right.  An arm that is a canon.  That’s what we’re talking about.