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Walking Fish 9. Science and Transformation | July 4th, 2011

walking fish neanderthal arts festival theatre drama comedy VancouverFor its 9th incarnation, the Walking Fish Showcase will feature three commissioned 20-minute shorts at the Neanderthal Arts Festival, exploring the theme of science and transformation. The three shows include:  

  • At First I Thought it was...  

New Colour Productions (Stacy Sherlock & Emily Griffiths) will dissect the outdated technologies that litter our streets, transforming them into new thoughts, forms and ideas.  

  • Armed  

Xua Xua Productions (Dani Bryant & Andrea Loewen) will create a piece about a young man who loses the very thing that makes him a man... what happens when he turns to technology for a replacement? 

He gets a cannon arm.  

  • Visitors  

Level Headed Friends (Peter Carlone, Mack Gordon, Spencer Davis, David Brown & Melanie Moore) will explore what happens when a world-altering secret just can’t be kept.  

How did we choose the Walking Fish plays?

These three short plays were selected from a competitive process held earlier this year. The organizers, Upintheair Theatre and Left Right Minds, asked for local artists to submit proposals inspired by the theme of science and transformation. Each of the three chosen short plays will be featured on the stage of the Cultch's Historic Theatre as part of the programming for this year’s Neanderthal Arts Festival.  

The Neanderthal Arts Festival is a curated, developmental festival, providing a platform for theatre artists and companies to showcase and try out new and experimental work. Our goal is to encourage work that takes risks, is creative and has a clear artistic vision. 

Local Shows at Neanderthal Arts Festival | July 2nd, 2011

We're bring some incredible local theatre performances to the Neanderthal Arts Festival. From tribal allegory Chairs to the poignant musical, the Homecoming King and a modern adaptation of a classic from the Dada movement in The Gas Heart, we're offering theatre that pushes boundaries.

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