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Neanderthal Arts Festival Starts Tonight at the Cultch Theatre | July 21st, 2011

Come down to the Cultch Theatre in the heart of East Vancouver for our exciting launch of the Neanderthal Arts Festival and be prepared to take in an eclectic range of cutting edge theatre!

7 pm. Walking Fish 9. Tonight's first hour-long performance is actually three performances, courtesy of Walking Fish 9: Science and Transformation.

A bright streak across the sky. A vacuum where an explosion should've been heard. A restricted area. A scientist, a politician, a general, and the media. What happens when a world altering secret cannot be kept?

At First I Thought It Was... 
Surplus outdated technology litters our streets. Most of that technology becomes fragmented and we no longer recognize what it once was.  By dissecting found objects, creators Stacy Sherlock and Emily Griffiths will transform these pieces…these fragments…these technologies, into new thoughts, new forms, new ideas, and most importantly new theatrical presentation.

When a young man loses the very thing that makes him a man, where does he turn? What will make him a Real Man, give him indisputable strength and power that he couldn’t hide, even if he wanted to? What will never wither, grow flaccid, or die? A canon arm. Yes, that’s right. An arm that is a canon. That’s what we’re talking about.

8:15 pm. Other Side Through You
Cat Main's sister has cerebral palsy and "talks" with an alphabet board. With the help of a facilitator who holds her arms Cat's sister points to letters on the board to spell out what she wants to say. The problem…not everyone believes her sister is the one communicating.

On a quest for the truth Cat talks to world famous sceptics, family members, top researchers & speech pathologists.

9:30 pm. Homecoming King
What do you do when life is going perfectly? You screw it up.  Daniel is a successful businessman. And he’s married to Evelyn. They’re in love. And life continues on, as it has a tendency of doing. But a few years, when Daniel meets Linda, he has to make a choice.  Or does he? Can a man navigate two wives and two lives? A musical with grit.


My Pregnant Brother. Notes from the Playwright | July 19th, 2011

my pregnant brother Vancouver theatre arts entertainment summer 2011My Pregnant Brother has been described as "Storytelling at its finest. Theatre at its finest. Empathy, love and growth." This drama tells the magical story of a man who gives birth to a child -- a full two years before anyone ever heard of Thomas Beatie, “the World's First Pregnant Man,” which made headlines around the world.

The Charlebois Post carries a neat article by the playwright about what went into the making of this performance:

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s a solo piece in which I relive the experiences surrounding the birth of my niece. My brother (née my sister, transgender for over a decade, still in possession of reproductive parts) got pregnant and needed me at a time when I was trying to change my own identity by shrugging off the overblown sense of responsibility my childhood had helped to contrive. Of course, hilarity ensues…

But yes, it’s been just over two years since I first stood in front of an audience and said, “My name is Johanna and I’m going to tell you my story” and Mum and James have been very patient. They’ve managed to keep their fears on the back porch and have been cautiously supportive of every run. But, well, we’re a sensitive bunch of Nutters and it’s safe to say that my family has always been dependably unpredictable. And it’s not only their reactions that have propelled me to this place beyond fear; I wonder also how I am going to be able to become my mother and brother when they are sitting right there in the audience?