Vancouver theatre festival

Last Weekend for Neanderthals and Other Theatre Lovers | July 29th, 2011

Neanderthal Arts Festival theatre Vancouver Cultch Venables Commercial Drive EastIf you haven't already checked out the awesome local and national theatre performances at Vancouver's Cultch theatre for the Neanderthal Arts Festival, this is the weekend to hit it!

Check out the schedule for our shows running Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the final day of our theatre festival!).

Enjoy performances including:

Neanderthal Arts Festival Captures Vancouver Courier's Imagination | July 12th, 2011

We're happy as a bunch of Neanderthals at a wooly mammoth barbecue thanks to a timely plug by the Vancouver Courier for our local theatre festival featuring "risk-taking" shows.

They christened the festival neanderthal because it’s about the beginning of things.

“We’re interested in stories and for us there’s something about the image of cave men huddled in a cave or around a fire telling stories that just sparked our imaginations,” McGrane said.

This year’s five mainstage plays include a Beckett-like parable about a man building a chair, a musical about a bigamist, a Dadaist take on contemporary life, a true story about one woman’s pregnant brother and Main’s play.

The Walking Fish Showcase features three 20-minute plays commissioned by the Neanderthal Festival and written on themes of science, technology and transformation.

There’s a sci-fi thriller, a reimagining of rejected technology and a man trying to compensate for the loss of his manliness with a cannon arm.

Like last year, festival goers will be invited to dress as neanderthals and have their picture snapped in a photo booth.

New this year, social media enthusiasts are invited to tweet and live blog from the balcony or “the grunt deck.”