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NED Gets His Own Comic Strip | July 23rd, 2011

Ever wondered what was up with NED the Neanderthal, our much-beloved mascot for the Neanderthal Arts Festival? He seems like the kind of guy who's got a story to tell.

Well, if you can't get enough NED from his tweets @notextinct, feel free to check out our new section for the latest daily comic strip of NED

Chairs. An Interview with Sebastien Archibald | July 22nd, 2011

Chairs Vancouver theatre Neanderthal Arts Festival performing actors dramaCHAIRS: A PARABLE

By Sebastien Archibald
Directed By Chelsea Haberlin
Produced by ITSAZOO Productions (

1. What is Chairs about?

Chairs: A Parable is a tribal allegory featuring a unique blend of live action, flash animation and found-sound musicscape. It's Waiting for Godot, by way of Judd Apatow, served up for the sardonic hipster generation. The story follows the trials and tribulations of three men as they attempt coexist in a barren landscape. But their lives are forever altered when one man steps forward and does the unthinkable...he builds a giant chair! But how long can he abuse his newfound power position before the seeds of rebellion are sowed? And what untold horrors lay beyond the wasteland?

2. Who should attend?

Hipsters, MLA's, the avant garde, drag queens, CEO's, aging hippies, and your old economics professor.

3. Why should they come to your show?

Because it's hilarious, though provoking, and timely. Anyone who's ever been on the receiving end or giving end of a power struggle (i.e: the entire population) will relate to this story. 

4. What is the one thing someone must know about Chairs before they watch it?

It's aburdist. It doesn't take place in this world. Rather a world where neolithic nomads think and act like modern men. Other than that, as long as you enjoy thinking and laughing, occasionally at the same time, then you'll be just fine.