Limited Edition Neanderthal Arts Festival T-Shirts | July 21st, 2011

Neanderthal Arts Festival Limited Edition T-Shirts Are Here!

We're pulling out all of the stops this year. If you want to "rock" out like the rest of the Neanderthal crew, we've got something that will make you a star Neanderthal. Starting on opening night (yes, that is tonight!) we're selling a limited edition Neanderthal Arts Festival shirt. Here is why this shirt is incredibly cool:

  • Constructed from only the highest quality Mammoth fur. *
  • Weaved high in the mountains of Norway by still-lost crew members from The Empire Strikes Back. **
  • Printed using the best bonemeal we could find made from ground fossils of questionably acquired Sabre toothed tigers. ***

This shirt will make you a full blooded Neanderthal. Stop by the merchandise table and pick up your very own. Limited printing and they are sure to sell fast. Get yours when you visit us at the Cultch.

* Mammoth fur may be cotton, but we're not sure. Fur looks like cotton, right?
** They claimed they had been on the crew from The Empire Strikes Back but they did smell bad.
*** Sabre toothed tigers bonemeal? Really? Cool!