What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 26th, 2012 | July 26th, 2012

Hey, listen up, fellow Neanderthals! It is a special day here in the cave and we're going to be rocking it and rolling it like it is still the Pleistocene! One of our organizers is having a birthday today and we're wondering if you might not bring by a birthday card when you come to see a show tonight. It would be the coolest gesture to just give a small thank you to the festival "behind the scenes" people.

So here's what's on tonight:

  • House of X (Historic - 60 min)
    7:00 pm

  • Encore (Reading Series - 75 min)
    7:00 pm

Congrats to The List for selling out their whole run - the last show is tonight... so if you saw it, you were one of the lucky ones!

However if you are a fan of French-to-English translation, you can certainly come and see Encore - part of our Reading Series (which is admission by donation).

We're also pleased to bring you an early show of Tyumen, Then at 8:15 pm - they're on late tomorrow night at 10:15 if you miss them tonight.

Not to mention... House of X and Stationary will take charge of the Historic Stage... lots going on in the Cave tonight! 

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 25th, 2012 | July 25th, 2012

Ah, it's a beautiful day in Vancouver. Why not check out the Neanderthal Arts Festival?

If you need some convincing, Comrade, you can read the Plank Magazine review of Tyumen, Then (pronounced like Two-Mein - in case you were wondering).

And there are reviews of both The List and House of X in Jo Ledingham's Vancouver Courier write-up.

So here's what's on tonight:

  • The List (Site-specific downstairs kitchen - 50 min)
    7:00 pm

I encourage you to consider seeing Tyumen, Then - it's our national show that came out from Toronto (and is quite a different style than shows created by Vancouver theatre artists). Many thanks to director Andrea Donaldson for bringing her crew out to Vancouver for the West Coast premiere!

Also, I want you to consider checking out House of X - it's a strange exploration of love and violence and relationships. Here's a short quote from one of the audience members at the Plank Magazine talk-back: "I think it's beautiful... that it's this combination of music, gobbledygook, language, poetry, dance...  to me, it was it."