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A bright streak across the sky. A vacuum where an explosion should've been heard. A restricted area. A scientist, a politician, a general, and the media. What happens when a world altering secret cannot be kept?


Written by Peter Carlone and Mack Gordon


  • Written by Peter Carlone and Mack Gordon
  • Directed by Peter Carlone
  • Design by Spencer Davis
  • Voiceovers by David Brown, Spencer Davis, Melanie Moore


This is Level-Headed Friends first official performance in the Vancouver area. Level-Headed Friends was founded as a blog by Mack Gordon in late 2009. It's purpose is to recommend local cross medium talent in the British Columbia area to people who might not normally be in touch with a particular artistic community. Plays are recommended to concert-goers, bands are recommended to theatre patrons, good artistic output is recommended to good artists. The hope for the blog is to connect like-minded but artistically diverse individuals in the facilitation of colaboration.

Mack Gordon – Writer/Director

Since moving to Vancouver in 2008, Mack has made his living as an actor. He's been nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theatre award and worked for such companies as Green Thumb, Carousel, Chemainus, Pacific Theatre, Itsazoo Productions, and Project X Theatre. He just completed his Vancouver directorial debut about two weeks ago with Hardline Production's 'Bash' and is excited to be back at it again. He also just finished up playing the role of Mercutio in Pacific Theatre's “The Verona Project.” Not to mention that in four days he'll be appearing in 'The Gasheart' at the Neanderthal Festival as well. This Halloween, Itsazoo Productions will be presenting the world premiere of his play 'Debts,' an Edgar Allan Poe inspired promenade tour through the Vancouver West End's historic Roedde House. He's also getting married to the love of his life, Kaitlin Williams. Wish him luck.

Peter Carlone - Writer

Peter Carlone is a Performer, writer and graphic designer. Mack and Peter first discussed this idea a year ago and is thrilled that walking fish is helping explore it further. Peter is currently touring the Fringe festival as part of the hit duo comedy 'Peter n Chris Save the World'. Catch their brand new show this September at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Madeleine Wilson – CoDirector

Madeleine Wilson is a local director and co-founder of Collective Spark Productions. Recent directing credits include Dark of the Moon (Phoenix Theatre), BOYGIRL (milkjug productions) and Night Mother (Good Company Collective). Stage Management credits include, Bildungsroman (ITSAZOO/ Slam Ink) and Evelyn Strange (StairCaseXi). She served as Production Manager for Twelfth Night (The Good Company Collective) and the short film A Rendezvous (Paisley Media/ Triskelion Productions). Madeleine is pleased to be involved in this Level-Headed Friends production.

Charlene Crawford – Stage Manager

Charlene graduated from Trinity Western University with a BA in Theatre.  She just finished a season with Gallery 7 Theatre where she Stage Managed Peter Pan, Quiet in the Land, and The Matchmaker.  Other Stage Management credits include The Quarrel and Chickens (Pacific Theatre).  She will return to her as Resident Stage Manager at  Gallery 7 in the fall for their 2011/2012 season.  

Kyle Sutherland - Designer

Kyle Sutherland is the designer in residence with Itsazoo Productions but is excited to be branching out and working with (not sure which company) on Visitors. Kyle also spends most of his days as a head carpenter building scenery and other art and corporate projects at the Great Northern Way Scene Shop. 

James Kot - General

When James Kot isn't saving endangered species or curing third world hunger, he's making jokes that both slight what he's been up to, and are simultaneously inconsiderate to serious world issues. The honourable Mr. Kot has spent the last several months joyfully producing a short film, 'The Heist.', alongside Beatrice King, but is now happy to be back onstage. James can most recently be seen on USA Network's 'Fairly Legal' and in the upcoming JK Rowling TV Movie ‘Strange Magic’ for Lifetime.

Daniel Johnston - Scientist

Daniel is excited to be working in original theatre. A Capilano University graduate, some of his favorite roles include: Lockwood/History Boys(Arts Club), Butch Honeywell/Last Days Of Judas Iscariot(Exit 22), Thomas Andrews/Titanic(Applause) and Frog/A Year with Frog and Toad(Gemini). He'd like to thank Mack for being so prolific and you for supporting the arts. Remember, "Let's not be anemones, let's just cuddlefish.

Beatrice King - Minister

Beatrice King is not really a king. She’s a woman and actor. And really into lame puns.  Graduating from the University of Alberta, Beatrice went on to complete a Full-time program in Acting. Working with Hugh Jackman on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 50/50, and playing Queen Sindel in Warner Brothers Mortal Kombat, Beatrice has been active in Film & Television. Training with world-renowned coaches Larry Moss and Andrew McIlroy, Beatrice has been teaching and working on her craft at Vancouver Acting School at Shoreline Studios.



At First I Thought It Was...


Surplus outdated technology litters our streets. Most of that technology becomes fragmented and we no longer recognize what it once was.  By dissecting found objects, creators Stacy Sherlock and Emily Griffiths will transform these pieces…these fragments…these technologies, into new thoughts, new forms, new ideas, and most importantly new theatrical presentation.


Stacy Sherlock

Stacy Sherlock received her BFA in Technical Theatre Design and Production, from The University of British Columbia in 2009.  Currently she is interning with Electric Company Theatre as an Administrative Assistant and at the Arts Club for Dramaturgy.  Select credits include: Production Design for Frisk (Neworld Theatre – HIVE 3) Mrs. Klein(Jericho Arts Centre) and RADIUS (Open Source Theatre), Technical Direction/Production Management for House/Home (Pi Theatre – HIVE 3), Assistant Stage Management for after the quake (Pi Theatre & Rumble Productions), Box Office Manager/Production Assistant for PodPlays (Neworld Theatre) and S.O.S. (The Only Animal), Sound Design for LoveSong (Edmonton / Vancouver Fringe Festival)  Macbeth  (Carousel Theatre) and The Idiot’s Karamazov (UBC).  After recently performing for the Rain City Chronicles Story Telling Series, she has been inspired to begin writing and performing more regularly.

Emily Griffiths

Emily Griffiths has just earned her Bachelor of Arts in Honours Theatre from the University of British Columbia, having just completed her thesis show, PARTS - a controversial devised piece on the subject of animal exploitation. Over the past year, Emily has appeared in the devised show, Capital, Alice!, at the Vancouver Fringe Festival (lucid dream productions), done sound design for The Madonna Painter (UBC) and Pvt. Wars(UBC), stage managed Anton Chekov’s Wild Honey (UBC), wrote for The Brave New Play Rites Festival – Under The Light of the Moon, and did three light designs for the same festival. In 2009, Emily co-directed The Vagina Monologues (UBC), having performed in the previous year’s production. Emily spends her summers working at Spare Time Challenge Club, where she creates original theatre with children aged four through thirteen, culminating in a public performance each August.


Stacy and Emily met while working on UBC VDay’s 2008 Production of The Vagina Monologues, Stacy as stage manager and Emily as a performer.  Both are very interested in stage management, devised creation and performance, as well as sound design.  We have been waiting for the opportunity to develop a project together.   Upon discovery of  this Walking Fish Festival’s focus Science, Evolution and Transformation, Stacy and Emily knew that this would be the perfect opportunity! New Colour Productionswas born and we look excited to our premiere presentation!


Progress Lab 1422, Electric Company Theatre, and the Friends of both Emily and Stacy for aiding in the gathering of discarded technology.



When a young man loses the very thing that makes him a man, where does he turn? What will make him a Real Man, give him indisputable strength and power that he couldn’t hide, even if he wanted to? What will never wither, grow flaccid, or die? A canon arm. Yes, that’s right. An arm that is a canon. That’s what we’re talking about.



  • SKIN: One Cool Word Fundraiser
  • Falling Out: Hard Feelings in Mixed Mediums


  • A Midwinter Romance


  • bash: latter-day plays by Neil Labute
  • The Confessional


  • Beautiful Child by Nicky Silver

Co-Directors and Playwrights

Dani Bryant

Dani is a director, creator, sometimes actor, law graduate and the co-artistic director of Xua Xua productions. She dramaturged and directed the Canadian Comedy Award nominated show Wild Rose and received the Yvonne Firkins Award for Outstanding Direction for Diplomadots. Other directing credits include Falling Out: Hard Feelings in Mixed Media (Xua Xua Productions / Josh McNorton Party), Bash (Xua Xua Productions), Hands Down (Vancouver Fringe), Beautiful Child (Xua Xua Productions), and The Office (36 Sisters Equity Co-Op).  For her next project, Dani will play the role of an Articled Student in the hopes of being admitted to the Law Society of British Columbia in 2012.

Andrea Loewen (Project Leader)

In the theatre world Andrea writes, publicizes, produces, acts, dances, and apparently now directs.  She is co-artistic producer of Xua Xua Productions, publicist for Pacific Theatre, and the marketing chair for The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Society.  In the non-theatre world she teaches yoga, makes lists about her future, crafts, drinks tea, and hangs out with her cat, Miss Gertie Marie. http://www.andrealoewen.com


Xua Xua Productions launched in 2007 with its inaugural production Beautiful Child, by Nicky Silver. Since then, Xua Xua has produced many pieces of theatre and one-off art events including Bash: latter-day plays by Neil Labute (2008); The Confessional, a mixed media penance party (2008); A Midwinter Romance (2009); Falling Out: Hard Feelings in Mixed Media, a mixed media performance event (2010),; SKIN, a fundraiser for One Cool Word magazine’s relaunch (2010), and Man’s Best Friend, a romp of a webseries (2011). Xua Xua Productions is run by co-artistic producers Dani Bryant and Andrea Loewen.

Chris Nash - Ryan, Doctor

Chris Nash is thrilled to be a part of Armed in its world premiere. You may have seen him in Pacific Theatre's production of Godspell last summer, or in any of Trinity Western University's mainstage or improvised productions in years prior. Nash would like to assure you that despite his appearance he is neither armed, nor dangerous, and he hopes you will laugh long and hard at this silly show.

Darren Boquist - Joe

Darren Boquist is thrilled to be on stage for Walking Fish for the first time having been the Festival Lighting Designer from its birth to age 6 and directing Coolio McKnight in year 4.    Besides acting schmacting and lighting deschmining Darren is also a fitness and health enthusiast on route to becoming a personal trainer and gearing up for his first ever Ironman Triathlon this coming August.  Follow his journey @ www.darrenboquist.com

Kyla Ferrier - Girlfriend, Scientist, Kid

She first of all thanks Andrea and Dani for inviting her to play with them, and Chris and Darren for being friggin funny boys. Secondly, she tells you her most recent credits, which are The Great Divorce at Pacific Theatre, and playing in Vancouver TheatreSports League's Sunday show, Rookie Night. Thirdly, Ky invites you to seeThe Selkie Wife by Erin G. Mahoney, at this year's Vancouver Fringe Festival. It's a beaut of a play, and about fifty days from now, a whole wack of talented people are bringing it to life! Check out http://selkiewifeblog.tumblr.com/ for info and inspiration. Lastly, Kyla tells you that she is a graduate of TWU's Theatre program.

Charlene Crawford - stage manager

Charlene graduated from Trinity Western University with a BA in Theatre. She just finished a season with Gallery 7 Theatre where she Stage Managed Peter Pan, Quiet in the Land, and The Matchmaker.  Other Stage Management credits include The Quarrel and Chickens (Pacific Theatre). She will return to her role as Resident Stage Manager at Gallery 7 in the fall for their 2011/2012 season.