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The 4H Club

SHOW: The 4H Club by Frano Marsic & Genus Theatre
PRODUCER: Genus Theatre
VENUE: The Cultch Historic Theatre

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  • July 21 @ 9:30 pm
  • July 22 @ 7:00 pm
  • July 23 @ 9:30 pm
  • July 24 @ 7:00 pm
  • July 25 @ 4:30 pm

Genus Theatre presents a brazenly comedic look at the follies of the newest incarnation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The story spans the past century as the dysfunctional quartet of Death, Famine, War and Pestilence barge their way through history. Desperate to rehabilitate their image and successfully bring about the end of the world, the foursome face their biggest challenge yet: each other. The pace is fast and the scope is grand, but the focus is wonderfully and pettily personal, as the 4H Club’s headstrong desires and very human weaknesses inexorably bring humanity closer to the end of the road.

History of the Work

In 2006 a Genus team comprised of Kristian Ayre, Jordan Bodiguel, Frano Marsic, Aidan Maxted, Frank Nickel, and Kelly Sheridan participated in Show Off – Theatre Under the Gun, a 48 theatre festival in which companies are given a prop, a line of text, an image and a sound clip that inspires the creation of a 10-15 minute piece. Our 48 hours resulted in the first incarnation of The 4H Club.  The production won an audience choice award and was held over at Performance Works on Granville Island.  In 2009, The 4H Club was resurrected and featured in a Best of Theatre Under the Gun anniversary festival.

Genus Theatre

Formed in 2003, Genus Theatre began as a group of theatre artists who wanted to create original and exciting productions that incorporated both live theatre and integrated film shorts. Film plays a large part in the company’s history, whether it be a performer interacting with a projected film on stage or a cinematic trailer to promote an upcoming live production. As such, we have fostered a relationship with a group of wonderfully talented filmmakers, technicians, and editors, who bring our visions to life.

Today, the company continues to produce shows which inspire, entertain and connect with audiences looking for a theatre experience that is both challenging and accessible. Genus is a company whose artistic focus is constantly evolving and expanding. We work with various artists across all disciplines to enrich and inform our productions. Writers, directors, actors, dancers, puppeteers, visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers all have a home at Genus.

Heather Doerksen, Director

As a founding member of Genus Theatre, Heather is thrilled to have been invited back by the Genus peeps to direct The 4H Club! Having graduated with her BFA in Theatre from SFU, she has since built an extensive resume, acting in film/television/theatre, and voicing cartoons and advertising campaigns. Big thanks to the Upintheair boys!  You can learn more about Heather at www.heatherdoerksen.com.

Frano Marsic, Playwright / Performer

Frano has been a member of Genus Theatre since 2005, and has worked with the company as a performer, director, writer, producer, designer and training facilitator. Apart from film and commercial work, selected credits include roles in 120bpm (upintheair), Caught in the Act (Genus), Freeport, Texas (Sodium Glow), City at Night (Genus), The Day Room (Reality Under Seige), Nocturne (Walking Fish), Big Love (SFU), The Physicists (Genus). Frano is a graduate of SFU, holding a BFA in Theatre, a BA in English, and a Bachelor of Education.

Production Credits

Stage Manager: Jenn Hogg
Dramaturgs: Kelly Sheridan and Vic Mariano
Lighting Design: Cazz Turner
Sound Design: James Coomber
Costume Design: Kerri Norris
Production Design: Jesse Toso, Katie Nieman, Frank Nickel


Jordan Bodiguel, Nita Bowerman, Pedro Chamale, Duran Cruickshank, Luisa d’Oliveira, Corwin Ferguson, Amy J. Lester, Victoria Lyons, Frano Marsic, Alex McMorran, Frank Nickel, Robin Nielsen, Kathleen Pollard, Kelly Sheridan

The Hanging Judge

SHOW: The Hanging Judge by Andrey Summers

PRODUCER: Spectral Theatre Society

VENUE: The Cultch Historic Theatre

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  • July 28 - Aug 1 @ 10:00pm

The Hanging Judge is a dark, unflinching satire that examines the natures of justice, prejudice and hunger. Hunger of every kind.

In a cemetery outside 19th Century London, two trolls meet by the discarded corpse of a hanged judge. The mangier troll, Blemish, has brought a bag with him inside which is a bound man. Blemish would like to eat this man, but the other troll – Chantecler – has just returned from France, where Napoleon has ushered in an era of enlightenment. And Chantecler has learned.

History of the Work

Upintheair Theatre and Left Right Minds present the World Premiere of The Hanging Judge by Andrey Summers.

Spectral Theatre Society

Founded in the winter of 2002 by writer/painter Blake Drezet and actor/director Des Hussey, Spectral Theatre is dedicated to producing dynamic theatrical works which awaken the imagination and challenge the mind. Spectral Theatre seeks to breathe new life into live theatre by thrilling audiences with fantastic stories delivered in unpredictable and innovative ways. By exploring a diversity of themes, Spectral Theatre endeavours to bring its love of spectacle to the stage; to deliver strange and wonderful tales, rich in flavour; and, above all, to offer a strikingly unusual experience of what live theatre can be.

Andrey Summers

Andrey Summers holds a BFA in Creative Writing from UBC, and refuses to put it down. He clutches it like a security blanket, writing and directing shows such as A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberonand Lovestruck(UBC Players Club), and later Birds of Tunguska  for Spectral Theatre and The Business of Evilfor Spectral and Brave New Play Rites, though not in that order. His next, and most pedantic directorial effort will be MacBeth for Alchemists Theatre at the Culture Lab this October – a play he will not claim to have written. Andrey can also be heard on The Rubber Chicken Podcast, as well as weeping softly to himself at night. 


Chantecler - Kevin Stark

Kevin is a recent graduate of the BFA Acting program at UBC. Recent credits include Chris in Becky's New Car (Arts Club), Kyle in Woman Idiot Lunatic Criminal (Shameless Hussy), Orlando in As You Like It (First Impressions), and Alyosha in The Idiots Karamazov (Theatre @ UBC). He's thrilled to be performing once more with some old friends in this production and hopes you enjoy the show.

Blemish - Aslam Husain

Aslam Husain holds a BFA in Acting from UBC. Recent roles include Zamir in Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them (Twisted Knickerz), Eliot in Prodigals (Twenty Something), Gilbert Blythe in Anne (Chemainus), Peter in The Secret World of Og (Carousel) and Nick in New Canadian Kid (Green Thumb). Theatre@UBC roles include: Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Messenger in A Dybbuk, the Madman in Diary of a Madman and Clitandre in Learned Ladies. Before graduating Aslam had the privilege to play Diary of a Madman in Brno, Czech Republic as part of SETKANI/ENCOUNTER 2008. Aslam would like to thank Shannon, Kasim, Mum and Dad; he wouldn’t be here without them.  

The Judge - Michael Cope

The Hanging Judge is the 25th play Michael has had the ghastly pleasure of breathing unholy life into in his tenure with the scoundrels who make up Spectral Theatre, and he thanks them once more for the chance to bring terror to the boards. He's also had the pleasure of playing with Showcase (Tranio, Taming of the Shrew and Paul, Kiss Me Kate), United Players (St. John Rivers, Jane Eyre, Cecil Graham, Lady Windermere's fan, Enlightenment (Whitman, Lovestruck) and a Pound of Flesh/Douglas co-pro (Bianca, Taming of the Shrew), amongst other theatrical endeavours. You can see him next as the titular king in the Alchemist's Theatre Guild's production of MacBeth.

Shanbao - Mike Li

With big dreams of becoming an actor, Mike Li immediately studied at New Image College of Fine Arts a week after high school. Since then, he has had his face ripped off on the set of indie slasher 'Star Vehicle', fallen down a flight of stairs for no pay, as well as appeared in numerous plays and student productions.  A self-proclaimed character actor, his previous roles include a drug-addict, the devil, a Scotsman, and Narcissus. He is glad to finally be able to go back to his roots and play a Chinaman.


SHOW: Nigeria by Martin Gover

PRODUCER: The Nigeria Project

VENUE: The Culture Lab

DATES & TIMES (View Full Schedule)

  • July 21 - July 23 @ 8:15pm
  • July 24 @ 6:00pm & 8:30pm
  • July 25 @ 8:15pm

Peter has had an experience in Africa -- perhaps magic. Now, he is back. Kris is fairly certain the magic lies in "freemarket" libertarianism business thought, global opportunity and the open ways of Alan Greenspan and his tribe. Joan doubts all of them. Sebastian, Joan’s husband, is mysteriously absent. Kris is looking for Sebastian to wind up the big Deal. Peter is between Africa and Joan and a half-remembered nightmare. Joan wants the hell out. After all, she now has her husband's money, doesn't she?

History of the Work

  • Nigeria was presented as a staged reading in Playwrights Theatre Centre's New Play Festival in 2009.
  • In February 2010, Nigeria was presented at the GAP New Reading Series in San Francisco as a finalist in their 2010 Play Festival.
  • Nigeria is scheduled to be presented as a site specific piece, the "stage" will be a dining room/living room in a house on Commercial Drive in early 2011. The play will debut at The In-The-House Festival.

Martin Gover, Playwright

Martin Gover began by studying law in London England. Luckily, after obtaining his degree, he went on a trip to Greece and forgot to return. Instead he spent the next few years swimming in the Aegean and skiing in the Italian Alps. Fifteen years later, writing on and off, he got serious. In 2008, he had his full length play, Missed Things as a staged reading at the 2008 Vancouver New Play Festival. In 2009, he had One Thing at the Capilano One Act Festival, Insider Trading at the Walking Fish Festival, and Bringing Gifts at The Firehall’s BC Buds Festival.  

Produced by The Nigeria Project.

David Bloom, Director

Playwright, director, actor and fight choreographer David Bloom is co-artistic director (with Linda Quibell) of Felix Culpa for whom he directed Judith, The Monument, and the North American premiere of Howard Barker’s Und.  Recently, he performed in Tanya Marquardt’s Transmission for Chrysalis/Proximity Arts, co-created and performed in News of the World for Felix Culpa, directed This Mortal Flesh for MachineFair and co-directed Palace of the End for Touchstone Theatre, Felix Culpa and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. Television appearances include Da Vinci’s Inquest, Cold Squad, Psyche, Stargate SG-1 and the X-files. David Bloom is a graduate of Studio 58 and is currently on the faculty.


Quelemia Sparrow, Kris

Since graduating from Studio 58's acting program  Quelemia has worked extensively in TV, film as well as theatre. She is the recipient of a Leo Award for Best Guest Appearance in a TV series for Da Vinci's Inquest. Quelemia is drawn to the rich art of storytelling in many different forms, which led her to the world of writing. She is also a graduate of the Film Arts Program at Langara College in the writing stream. Since graduating that program she has written several short films, a play and her one-woman-show. Oh, she also teaches Yoga.            

Jody-Kay Marklew, Joan

Even though Jody-Kay has been taking some time off to play her most important role as mamma to her precious girl, Jade - she felt  she couldn't miss working with this great artistic team and will appear on stage for this production.  Over the last ten years, her theatre credits include the role of Catherine in Proof with Sunshine Theatre and numerous other productions with Western Canada Theatre.  In Vancouver, she has worked with Rumble Theatre, The Arts Club, The Belfry TheatreGreen Thumb Theatre, Carousel Theatre, and The Vancouver Playhouse. She has appeared in several locally shot television shows and the film Zero Sum.  Jody-Kay is  a graduate of Studio 58.

Josh Drebit, Peter

Josh is Co-artistic Director of Main Street Theatre where he recently appeared in critically acclaimed productions of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo. Other favourite productions include Alex Ferguson’s play Two for Solo Collective and SuBurbia by Eric Bogosian for the Vancouver Fringe. He has toured extensively with Green Thumb Theatre.

Tiny Replicas

SHOW: Tiny Replicas by Dave Deveau

PRODUCER: Thirty Below

VENUE: The Cultch Historic Theatre

DATES & TIMES (View Full Schedule)

  • July 21 @ 7:00 pm
  • July 22 @ 9:30 pm
  • July 23 @ 7:00 pm
  • July 24 @ 4:30 pm
  • July 25 @ 7:00 pm

“Women don’t have to justify wanting their own. And I don’t either. I want a baby.” Simon and Ethan want a baby. Unfortunately, neither of them has a womb. But when four people come together to create a new life, someone's bound to feel left out. The grim reality that one day we all need to grow up comes to a head as nine months tick by.

History of the Work

2007 - commissioned by Playwrights Theatre Centre as part of “The News” commissioning program – staged reading presented as part of the Granville Island New Play Festival, directed/dramaturged by Heidi Taylor and starring Brad Dryborough, Matt Fentiman, Erin Wells, Emelia Symington-Fedy, & Kyle Cameron.

2009 – presented by Sage Theatre as part of their IGNITE! Festival in Calgary, Alberta June 11-13, 2009, directed by Matt Dewald and starring Mat Mailandt, Peter Aichison, Anastasia St. Amand, Bobbi Goddard & Aaron Zeffer. 

Cameron Mackenzie, Director

Cameron Mackenzie is a founding member and Artistic Director of Zee Zee Theatre, for whom he has directed both Whale Riding Weather and Dave Deveau’s Nelly Boy. Born in South Africa, he is a Vancouver-based producer, director, designer, drag queen and sometime dramaturg. Directing credits include: Jocasta (assistant, Studio 58 – Vancouver/City of Wine Project - Toronto), Whale Riding Weather (Zee Zee Theatre),The Zeigarnik Effect (Walking Fish Festival),White…Another fu#king Identity Piece (BC Buds). As a designer, Cameron has worked in various capacities: assistant set and props design for King Lear (Caravan Farm Theatre), props design for Stupidity (Theatre Conspiracy) and set design for The Glass Menagerie (Trinity Western University). Cameron also works as a performer, noted as part of NOW Magazine’s Outstanding Ensemble for his work in an undershirt(Toronto Fringe), and more recently as part of the ensemble-driven piece Twenty Minute Drag School (Firehall/BC Buds Festival). Cameron recently directed and dramaturged the world premiere of Dave Deveau’s latest piece My Funny Valentine for Thirty Below Theatre, as part of Toronto’s SummerWorks Festival, and will direct the play’s premiere for Zee Zee Theatre in April 2011. He is a graduate of the theatre program at the University of the Fraser Valley and Studio 58 where he will be returning this fall to direct Risky Nights

Dave Deveau, Playwright

Dave investigates queer themes in plays that speak to a broad audience. His work, created vastly through his company Thirty Below Theatre, includes My Funny Valentine(Toronto's SummerWorks Festival), Tiny Replicas (Playwright’s Theatre Centre, Calgary's IGNITE! Festival), Courte Forme (Théâtre la Seizième), and Nelly Boy, which premiered in October through Zee Zee Theatre. His epic play Map of the West was shortlisted in both the Herman Voaden Competition as well as Tarragon Theatre's new Under 30 National Playwriting Competition. He is the 2010 recipient of the Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award. As an actor he is more noted for his work in the TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark? He holds an MFA in Playwriting from UBC. Upcoming: My Funny Valentine (Zee Zee Theatre, April 2011). For more information visit www.davedeveau.com

Jillian Perry, Stage Manager

Jill is a recent graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley, where she studied Theatre.  Her most recent Stage Manager positions include Matters Domestic (Fringe), Heaven and Hell (VanArts), Nelly Boy and Whale Riding Weather (Zee Zee Theatre), The 21st Floor (Lyric Stage Project), Macbeth (UFV), Unity (1918) (UFV). Besides stage managing, she has many other theatrical hats; props and lighting designer, actor, and technician.  She would like to thank her friends, family, and co-workers for adapting to her crazy schedule! She will next be seen up in the booth for Zee Zee Theatre’s 2011 show My Funny Valentine.

Greg Armstrong-Morris, JUDE

Greg is thrilled to work this closely with Dave, his Unofficial Little Brother.  Most recently Greg reprised the role of Malcolm for Patrick Street‘s remount of The Full Monty at Persephone Theatre (Saskatoon). Favourite roles include: Hedwig, Hedwig & the AngryInch and Simon, Corpus Christi (Hoarse Raven); Mr Mayor, Seussical (Carousel); Lita Encore, Ruthless (Ophidian); Le Beau, As You Like It and Nathaniel, Love’s Labours Lost (Bard on the Beach).Experience most worthy of dinner conversation: ensemble & under-study for Bilbo,Lord of theRings, Mirvish Productions, Toronto. Upcoming: Hunter, [title of show], Homeshark Theatre, Vancouver, Jan 2011. Greg is currently writing a solo show,Anthrax! The Musical, and is the author of 2 blogs: The Tumour Cycle and The Hobbit Letters(web.me.com/gvanderwoude/Gregs_Site/Welcome.html)

Nicholas Carella, SIMON

Nicholas Carella is an award-winning actor and writer, born and raised in Toronto. Since moving to Vancouver, Nicholas has appeared in a trifecta of winter-themed disaster movies titled Polar Storm, Ice Twisters and Ice Quake respectively (no joke). Some of Nicholas’ non-winter disaster films include:  Tooth Fairy, Citizen Duane, the upcomingUntitled Seth Rogen Cancer Comedy and Hooked on Speedman (for which he was a double-nominee at the 2009 Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Actor and Best Screenplay).For television, Nicholas has done numerous guest spots on a variety of shows including V, Smallville, Degrassi: TNG, Psych, Eureka and Little Mosque on the Prairie as well as the recurring role of Deputy Patrick Lillis on CBS’s Harper’s Island and the upcoming mini-series The Kennedys, directed by Jon Cassar for The History Channel.  Most recently, Nicholas starred in writer/director David Tamkin’s dark comedy The Millionaire’s Club and produced the 16mm short film, This Feels Nice (re-teaming with Hooked on Speedmandirector Michelle Ouellet), a heart-wrenchingly poetic love story, shot entirely on location in Vancouver. 

Marlene Ginader, DAYNA

Marlene is truly excited to be a part of this production.  Recent and recent-ish credits include Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story (Arts Club), Around the World in 80 Days (Gateway Theatre), The Vertical Hour (UP), Jocasta (Studio 58/Nightswimming, City of Wine Festival, Toronto) and Townsville (Studio 58 w/The Chop Theatre/Magnetic North Festival).  This past spring, Marlene spent a month touring Europe/UK with local dance band Fan Death (musician/vocals) as the opening act for Vampire Weekend.  Marlene hails from Brandon, Manitoba and is a graduate of Studio 58.

Sean Hewlett, ETHAN

Sean moved to Vancouver from Winnipeg way back in 2007 to attend Studio 58. Credits include Randolf (Bye Bye Birdie) Ephraim (Lot’s Wife) and The Photographer (Where's Charley?). Now that he's recently graduated, he is thrilled to be working with such talented people in his professional premier.

Julie McIsaac, AUDREY

Currently based in Vancouver, Julie is a graduate of Carleton University and the Canadian College of Performing Arts.  Credits include As You Like It (Citadel), Black Comedy (Arts Club), The Tempest and Titus Andronicus (Bard on the Beach), The Real Thing (Belfry/Arts Club), The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and The Secret World of Og (Carousel), Out Like Flynn (Fugue), The Shape of Things (Twenty-Something), Emily (Gateway), and Hay Fever, My Fair Lady, She Stoops to Conquer and Little Women for the Chemainus Theatre Festival.  Upcoming projects include directing Stewart Lemoine's The Exquisite Hour for the Vancouver Fringe.



Chairs by ITSAZOO Productions
Playwright: Sebastien Archibald
Director: Chelsea Haberlin

A tribal allegory featuring a unique blend of live action, flash animation and found-sound musicscape. Drawing inspiration from the theatrical existentialism of Samuel Beckett and serving it up for the sardonic, hipster generation, Chairs follows the trials and tribulations of three men as they attempt to build a civilized existence for themselves in a barren wasteland. They enjoy a hilariously uneventful life full of equality and boredom until one man steps forward and does the unthinkable... he builds a giant chair! With his newfound power position he can survey the land, dictate orders, and offer keen insights about the world around them. But how long can he abuse his authority before the seeds of rebellion are sowed? And what untold horrors lay beyond the wasteland?


"Ok, so Chairs is either post-apocalypse or neolithic, but where knowledge of fine furniture is surprisingly common... It’s the history of Capitalism in an hour and a half and it’s riotous fun."
— Chris Felling, Culture Vulture (Victoria)


"ITSAZOO Productions has no trouble attracting that elusive group of theatergoers: the 20-somethings.”
—Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

ITSAZOO Productions is a non-profit incorporated society and registered charity that Thinks Outside the Cage. This means that we have a mandate to: 1) Create opportunities for emerging artists, providing new and challenging experiences through paid professional work; 2) Inspire other theatre practitioners by producing progressive theatre outside the traditional playhouse setting; 3) Present theatre to a younger and more diverse audience by making innovative and unparalleled productions affordable to a wide demographic and 4) Produce new Canadian plays and adaptations that entertain and inspire theatre practitioners and audiences alike.

ITSAZOO consists of three co-artistic directors: Sebastien Archibald, Chelsea Haberlin, and Colby Wilson, each of whom is a graduate of the University of Victoria Theatre Program. Since 2004, ITSAZOO has produced nine full-length works including seven Canadian premieres. The company has developed a reputation for productions that feature provocative writing, and display the talent of emerging Canadian playwrights. In 2008, upon ITSAZOO’s arrival in Vancouver, they were named the Westender’s favourite new company.


  • Director – Chelsea Haberlin
  • Playwright – Sebastien Archibald
  • Stage Manager – Anthony Liam Kearns
  • Man 1 – Colby Wilson
  • Man 2 – Cameron Anderson
  • Man 3 – Sebastien Archibald
  • Costume Designer – Meredith Grantier
  • Set/Props Designer – Kyle Sutherland
  • Lighting Designer – Mark Eugster
  • Sound Designer – Chris Adams
  • Video Designer – John Crossen
  • Dramaturgy - Melanie Moore (411 Dramatrugy Co)

Chelsea Haberlin - Director

Chelsea is Co-Artistic Director, and General Manager of ITSAZOO productions, a company she co-founded in 2004. Favourite directing credits with ITSAZOO include Robin Hood, The Road to Canterbury, Grimm Tales, Casualties of Progress, Death of a Clown, Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Nights Dream and The Zoo Story. Directing projects outside of ITSAZOO include The Ends of the Earth with Medical students at UBC, The Scarecrow for Spectral theatre and an adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm with inmates at the William Head Penitentiary. Chelsea is a graduate of the University of Victoria with a degree in Theatre with a specialization in Applied Theatre and Directing. In the fall of 2011 Chelsea will be entering the MFA Directing Program at UBC.

Sebastien Archibald – Playwright / Man 3

Sebastien is a Vancouver based actor, playwright, and director as well as Co-Artistic Director of ITSAZOO Productions. He was last seen starring in Death of a Clown (2008 Theatre BC's National Playwriting Competition Finalist) this past October presented by the Phoenix Theatre as part of their Spotlight on Alumni . He recently wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed outdoor modern adaption of Robin Hood (Queen Elizabeth Park/Gabriola Theatre Festival). For ITSAZOO he has written and performed in The Road To Canterbury, Grimm Tales, Casualties of Progress, and now Chairs: A Parable. Other recent acting credits include David Hare's The Vertical Hour (United Players) and Charlotte's Webb (Kaleidescope). His most recent directing credit was the critically acclaimed Baggage (part of the Four Course Meal Theatre Festival). Playwriting accolades include Monday Magazine "M" Award for Best New Play for Grimm Tales, and the Belfry Incubator Project for Casualties of Progress. Sebastien is a graduate of the Phoenix Theatre where he honned his skills in shows such as Guys and Dolls and Janet Munsil's That Elusive Spark.

Colby Wilson - Man 1

Colby Wilson is one of the founders and Co-Artistic Directors of ITSAZOO Productions.  Favourite ITSAZOO credits include Robin Hood, The Road to Canterbury, The Zoo Story, Death of a Clown, Bridge Mix 2010 and Grimm Tales (M Award for Favourite Actor).  Other credits include Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun (Theatre Northwest), Sharing Shakespeare with Anthony Holland (No Bells and Whistles), Zastrozzi (Enlightenment), Aladdin (Kaleidoscope), and Charlotte’s Web (Kaleidoscope).  Colby can also be seen in Supernatural (CW), The Break Up Artist (Legacy), Girlfriend Experience (Mongrel), The Middleman (ABC), The Party Never Stops (Lifetime), Psych (USA), She’s the Man (SKG) and Smallville (CW).

Cameron Anderson - Man 2

Cameron recently appeared as Dr. Olson in The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari in the Victoria Fringe Festival, and as Juror #12 in Twelve Angry Men for Hardline Productions.  He has appeared in past ITSAZOO shows Grimm Tales and Casualties Of Progress.  He is an Artistic Associate of ITSAZOO, and a graduate of the University of Victoria.

Homecoming King


Homecoming King by Thirty Below Theatre
Book & Lyrics: Dave Deveau
Composer: James Coomber
Director: Mike Mackenzie

What do you do when life is going perfectly? You screw it up.  Daniel is a successful businessman. And he’s married to Evelyn. They’re in love. And life continues on, as it has a tendency of doing. But a few years, when Daniel meets Linda, he has to make a choice.  Or does he? Can a man navigate two wives and two lives? A musical with grit.


Formed in 2005, Thirty Below Theatre has committed itself to producing the work of Canadian playwrights under 30 both past and present. Past productions include the world premiere of Michel Tremblay’s first play The Train (2005), the internationally screened film Belly (2006), the workshop production of Dave Deveau’s Nelly Boy (2007), the workshop of Dave Deveau’s Map of the West (2008), the workshop production of Dave Deveau’s My Funny Valentine (2009), and the hit production Tiny Replicas in the inaugural Neanderthal Arts Festival (2010). 



Mike Mackenzie - Director
Mike is honoured to be directing Homecoming King, and getting to work with Dave and James on this exciting project. He is an honours graduate of the George Brown Theatre School’s Performing Arts Program (2005), and until moving to Vancouver, spent most of his time producing, designing and performing. Since moving to Vancouver in 2008, Mike has had the wonderful pleasure of directing several musicals and plays, including A New Brain and Nine for Pipedream Theatre, The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later for Homeshark Theatre, [title of show] for Homeshark Equity Co-Op, and Little Me for Applause! Musicals in Concert. Upcoming, he will be directing Elegies: A Song Cycle. He dedicates this show to his family and of course, to Megan.

Dave Deveau – Book & Lyrics
Dave Deveau investigates queer themes in plays that speak to a broad audience: My Funny Valentine (Zee Zee Theatre), Tiny Replicas (Neanderthal Arts Festival, Playwrights Theatre Centre), Map of the West (shortlist: Tarragon National Playwriting Competition, Herman Voaden Competition), Courte Forme (Théâtre la Seizième) and Nelly Boy (Zee Zee Theatre, Theatre Direct). Dave has written the libretti for three short operas for Toronto’s Tapestry New Opera Works: Unfamiliar, Declining and Rest in Peace. He is the 2010 recipient of the Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award. As an actor he is more noted for his work in the TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark? A graduate of York University’s Creative Ensemble, he also holds an MFA in Playwriting from UBC. He has just received his first Jessie Richardson award nomination for Outstanding Original Script for his play My Funny Valentine. Upcoming: his play Tiny Replicas has just been optioned for the screen and his latest play, Out in the Open, will start touring through Green Thumb Theatre in October.  www.davedeveau.com

James Coomber – Music
James Coomber is a versatile music/theatre artist living and working in Vancouver.  He has collaborated as a musical director, composer, conductor, musician, sound designer and actor throughout the theatre and music community.  He completed a BFA (Honours) in Music as well as a BFA in Theatre from Simon Fraser University.  Selected credits include The Little Mountain Mountaineers (Genus Theatre) as part of Theatre Under the Gun, Waiting for Go. (Theatre Terrific), Twelfth Night (Shadows and Dreams Theatre), 4H Club (Genus Theatre), Harmonia (SFU Mainstage), Exit Commander Kitty (Tigermilk Collective), The Physicists (Genus Theatre), The Visit (SFU Mainstage), Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights (SFU Mainstage).  He continues to explore the intermingling of disciplines, studying new approaches to musical theatre, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and music pedagogy for non-musicians.

Jillian Perry  - Stage Manager
Jill is a graduate of the University of the Fraser Valley, where she studied Theatre.  Her most recent Stage Manager positions are My Funny Valentine (Zee Zee Theatre), Tiny Replicas *(Thirty Below Theatre/Neanderthal Arts Festival), Nelly Boy (Zee Zee Theatre),  Matters Domestic (Fringe), Heaven and Hell (Vanarts), Whale Riding Weather (Zee Zee Theatre), The 21st Floor (Lyric Stage Project), Macbeth (UFV), Unity (1918) (UFV). Besides Stage managing she has many other theatrical hats; Props, lighting, Actor, and technician.  She would like to thank her friends, family, and co-workers for adapting to her crazy schedule! Jill is thrilled to be a part of Homecoming King.

Megan Phillips - Performer
Megan could not be more thrilled to be in Homecoming Kingwith such a talented creative team and cast!  Megan has an MA (Musical Theatre Performance) from Mountview Academy in London, UK, and a holds a BA (Music) from the University of Western Ontario. Other training has included Musical Theatre and voice at Circle in the Square (NYC). Selected credits:  Fay in Here on the Flight Path (Metro Theatre), Diana in Nine (Pipedream Theatre Project Society), Georgeanne in 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress (BR Productions), Gertie in Oklahoma! (Theatre Under the Stars), Helena in The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Applause). Teaching experience: choreographer, music director, and director at Take to the Stage! UBC musical theatre company, Music Theatre teacher at Youth Out Loud after-school Musical theatre program, Head of Music and Voice at Buck's Rock Performing Arts Camp in Connecticut for 3 years. Megan is an accredited Journey practitioner -  a form of mind/body healing - and has just launched a business as an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and is completing her own solo show project, Breaking Velocity. Love to Mike: couldn't do it without you.

Shantini Klaassen - Performer
Shantini is thrilled to be a part of this project with such a great group of talent.  She recently won the 2010 Outstanding Gypsy Ovation Award for her work as Maria Understudy in Footlight's, "The Sound of Music".  In the past year she has also been in Fighting Chance's "The Wiz", Applause's "The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Pipedream's "Nine" and took a turn under the stage playing keyboard for TUTS's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”.  Shantini's other credits include "Yellowpoint Christmas Spectacular", Nellie in "South Pacific", and Hodel in "Fiddler on the Roof".

Gaelan Beatty - Performer

Meryn Cadell - Dramaturg

The Gas Heart


The Gas Heart by Gas Heart Theatre
Written by Tristan Tzara
Adapted by Quinn Harris and James Foy

How does the Oxford English Dictionary define “bootylicious”? Is Helvetica really a fascist typeface? Can I get an STD from unprotected twittering? Find horribly unscientific answers to these and more imperative questions of our time in a modern adaptation of a classic from the Dada movement. Aptly described by its author as “the greatest three act hoax of the century,” The Gas Heart searches through the skivvies of our society to reveal the senselessness in our world today: politics, pop culture and potato chips in 2011.


"Who's your Dada?  James Foy and Quinn Harris have grabbed on of the weirdest pieces of theatre ever to emerge from the Dadaist movement of about a century ago, and what was already very deliberately anti-theatre is now an off-the-scale blast of anarchy... a whole lot of fun."
-- Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

"Not only is The Gas Heart awesome, it is so fresh, young and tight you wanna spank its ass till it gets purple.... I could write specifics, but I will not... nope nope nope!!  You know why?  Because I want everybody to see this show.  Well, everyone over the age of 14."
-- Victor Terzis, Plank Magazine


GasHeart Theatre was founded by James Foy and Quinn Harris in 2007 and is a resident company at Theatre Conspiracy. The companyʼs aim is to create theatre that cannot be expressed through any other art form, theatre that engages its participants, artists and audiences alike, in discussion and debate on universal themes of contemporary relevance to our community. Our work includes The Mechanical Bride (2008 Victoria and Vancouver Fringe Festivals), NAPathy (HIVE3, 2010), and Macbeth: nach Shakespeare (co-produced with Theatre Conspiracy 2011). For their next work of absurdity, GasHeart co- artistic producers James and Quinn will both be pursuing law degrees, ʻting-a-lingʼ!


Quinn Harris – Director/Co-Creator/Co-Artistic Producer
James Foy – Co-Creator/Co-Artistic Producer/THE GAS HEART
Sarah Mansikka – Lighting Designer/Stage Manager
Chris Cochrane – NECK
Mack Gordon – EYEBROW
Timothy Johnston – EYE
Amitai Marmorstein – NOSE
Maryanne Renzetti – MOUTH
Katie Takefman – EAR


Chris Cochrane is very lucky. He loves The Gas Heart and will always cherish the times they shared. He really hopes you enjoy the show. Recent theatre credits: Wired and New Canadian Kid (greenthumb), The Amorous Adventures of Anotol (Playhouse). Recent film/tv credits: R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (The Hub), Time After Time (Hallmark). Chris studied acting at the Stella Adler Studio (NYC) and Studio 58.

JAMES FOY – Co-Creator/The Gas Heart
James Foy is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia with a degree in Theatre Design and Production. Selected past credits include Production Management for Seussical: the Musical (Carousel Theatre), The Hobbit (Carousel Theatre), Gravity (Urban Ink Productions), and The Odyssey (Carousel Theatre); Technical Direction for Best Before (PuSh Festival/Rimini Protokol), After the Quake (Rumble Productions) and Blackbird (Theatre Conspiracy/Rumble Productions).  James has been nominated for a Jessie Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in Theatre for Young Audiences and has also jointly received two Jessie awards for Outstanding Production in Theatre for Young Audiences for Seussical: the Musical and The Odyssey.  James co-founded GasHeart Theatre with associate Quinn Harris in 2008 and has co-produced The Mechanical Bride and The GasHeart  for the Vancouver Fringe and NAPathy for HIVE3.

Mack Gordon graduated from the University of Victoria in 2008 and moved to Vancouver in 2009. He's been working in and around the city ever since. His first role came with Pacific Theatre's You Still Can't. Last year he was nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Performance in TYA for The Big League (Carousel). Before that he performed in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, (Chemainus) and has since toured Wired (Green Thumb) all across North America, from Southern California to Massachusetts to Newfoundland. He also writes and performs work that is not for children. He played a serial killer in Hardline Productions' premiere event, An Evening of Sam Shepard, Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Show, Antonio in Twelfth Night (Project X), and Benjamin in Strindberg's Easter (Chemainus). In June he made his Vancouver directorial debut with Hardline's Bash and at Halloween will be helming Itsazoo Production's Debts.

QUINN HARRIS – Director/Co-Creator
Quinn Harris is a graduate of the BFA theatre program at the University of Victoria with a specialization in directing.  She is an artistic associate at Theatre Conspiracy, and co-founder of GasHeart Theatre.  Quinn directed the company’s inaugural production, The Mechancal Bride, at the 2008 Victoria and Vancouver Fringe Festivals.  She has also directed at two Walking Fish Festivals, was an instructor for Carousel Theatre’s Teen Shakespeare Program production of As You Like It, and assistant directed Theatre Conspiracy’s Live from a Bush of Ghosts, and Jack Paterson’s production of Coriolanus. For GasHeart Theatre she has directed GasHeart’s adaptation of The Gas Heart for the 2009 Vancouver Fringe and NAPathy for the third installation of HIVE as part of the Cultural Olympiad. Most recently this spring, Quinn directed the first English translation of Heiner Müller’s Macbeth: nach Shakespeare (co-commissioned and co-developed by GasHeart and Theatre Conspiracy).

After premiering it at the Vancouver Fringe in 2010, Timothy is grateful be to back working on the wonder that is The Gas Heart. Timothy trained at both Capilano U and the University of Victoria, and has a multitude of credits in both cities, including Prodigals (Twenty-something), The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (Somnambulist), Ride The Cyclone (Atomic Vaudeville), Radius (Open Source), Silverwing and Disney's Aladdin Jr. (Kaleidoscope), Toothpaste & Cigars (VEC), Tartuffe (Phoenix Theatre), Seussical The Musical (Random Entertainment) and many more. Catch Tim next as Bobby in George F. Walker's Tough! at the CBC studio in August with Twenty-Something Theatre. Thank you for supporting new, local, independent theatre.

SARAH MANSIKKA – Lighting Designer/SM
Sarah is a graduate of the BFA Theatre Design program at Concordia university. She is presently based in Vancouver working as a lighting director for the Rimini Protokoll tour of Best Before. Some of her past credits include: Assistant lighting design with Vancouver Opera and Vancouver Playhouse. Lighting design with Pink Baby Monster and Nakusp Music Festival.

Amitai just realized he's terrible at writing bios. He feels like any credits or accomplishments he mentions are just shameless self-promotions. But he also doesn't want to seem like a complete failure who doesn't get any work. Also, Amitai doesn't feel comfortable with the third-person-perspective that convention dictates one must write their bio in. Amitai is in a bind. So, how about this? You give Amitai the benefit of the doubt that he is super successful but also refreshingly modest and then he doesn't have to write an actual bio? That cool?

Maryanne Renzetti is a graduate of the UBC’s BFA Acting program, as well as the British American Drama Academy (Oxford, England). She is the Co-Artistic Director of Staircase Xi Theatre and is notable for her performances in Staircase Xi's Evelyn Strange and Oh, The Humanity and Other Good Intentions. Other favorite roles include: Kate and Petruchio in two different versions of Taming of the Shrew, The Gas Heart (GasHeart Theatre) in the 2009 Fringe Festival, Medea in Lois Anderson’s Medea (Theatre at UBC), Mary Tyrone Karamazov in The Idiots Karamazov (Theatre at UBC), Sunna in Unity (1918) (Theatre at UBC), Love/Stories (Kinetichism) and The Verona Project (Stone's Throw Productions). She is thrilled at the chance to work on The Gas Heart once again.

Katie is thrilled to be working on The Gas Heart with GasHeart Theatre again. Previously Katie has been seen in such roles as Will Scarlet (Robin Hood, ITSAZOO Productions), Medea (Medea, Phoenix Theatre), Rosaline (Love's Labour's Lost, Somnombulist Productions), and in Grimm Tales (ITSAZOO Productions). Katie studied theatre at UVic.

Other Side Through You


Other Side Through You by exit.left productions
Director/Dramaturge/Co-designer: Jamie Nesbitt
Performer/Playwright/Co-designer: Cat Main

Other Side Through You is a charged, theatrical blending of fact and fiction that wrestles with the science and spirit behind communication. Cat Main's sister has cerebral palsy and "talks" with an alphabet board. With the help of a facilitator who holds her arms Cat's sister points to letters on the board to spell out what she wants to say. The problem…not everyone believes her sister is the one communicating.

On a quest for the truth Cat talks to world famous sceptics, family members, top researchers & speech pathologists. Using verbatim text from these interviews Other Side Through You takes us on a journey that explodes the personal into the political and immerses the audience in a dialogue on what constitutes real and authentic communication between any individuals.


exit.left productions is a small Vancouver based company run by Co-Artistic Directors Cat Main and Rachel Peake. The company provides opportunities for emerging theatre artists to collaboratively create new work. Cat and Rachel seek out dynamic artists who thrive in exploring the wide variety of their skills and aim to offer their audiences a fresh perspective, a point of departure from the mainstream, towards the left.\


Cat Main - Performer/Playwright/Co-designer

Cat is a Vancouver based performer & theatre creator and the co-artistic director of exit.left productions. Most recently she was the 2010 Artist in Residence with Theatre Replacement. Over the last few years she's also enjoyed working with Realwheels, Rumble Productions, Pi Theatre, Sea Theatre, Théâtre la Seizième, Gateway Theatre, Carousel Theatre, Calgary’s Vertigo Theatre, Toronto's Why Not Theatre, as well as Boca Del Lupo (Jessie nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble). Cat has also worked as a voice actor doing cartoons, video games and radio. She is currently teaching movement at the Vancouver Film School and as well as being an instructor at Arts Umbrella and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. Cat also runs workshops for adult siblings of people with disabilities through PLAN and the Centre for Ability and will be beginning an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy this September. She is a graduate of Studio 58 where she was the recipient of the Earl Klein Memorial Scholarship.

Jamie Nesbitt -- Director/Dramaturge/Co-designer

Jamie works across across North America. His resume includes: The Canadian Stage Company (Toronto), the NAC  (Ottawa), The Vancouver Playhouse (Vancouver), Soulpepper (Toronto), Company XIV (New York), Theatre Calgary (Calgary), Bard on the Beach (Vancouver), The Arts Club (Vancouver), The Electric Company (Vancouver), Pi Theatre (Vancouver), The Belfry (Victoria), Why Not theatre (Toronto), Cahoots (Toronto), Citadel (Edmonton), The Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse), and many more. A graduate of Studio 58, he is the recipient of 7 Jessie Richardson Award nominations, 1 Jessie Richardson Award, the 2008 Mayor Arts Award, the 2007 Sam Payne Award, and the 2006 Earl Klein Memorial Scholarship. www.jamienesbitt.ca.