Neanderthal Arts Festival 2012 Opens Tonight! | July 19th, 2012

Neanderthal Arts Festival Limited Edition T-Shirts Are Here!Tonight we open! The brass has been polished. The actors, technical staff, designers, promoters, and the directors have all done what they do best. The venue has gathered the house staff and the ushers... what more do you need to put on a festival?

Oh, wait.

That's you! Yes, you! The audience!

We have a great line up this year and we're very proud of our festival. We've had shows from all over the country these past few years and the audiences keep coming -- and they keep growing, not just in size, but in diversity.

Theatre in Vancouver has had a rough year. We've watched as large theatre houses close and how theatre has been beat up in our entire province for the last few years. This was the reason Neanderthal was created.

To make theatre fun again.

I hope you all come out to support your local houses -- not just our festival but the theatres in your local area. Live performance still matters in a time of digital media. Maybe it matters more. Going to see live performance brings together a group of people. Some people who know each other and some people who don't. They will share a common experience and, hopefully, talk about it immediately afterwards. (Hey, we'll have a BBQ outside!)

So, come on out, Vancouverites. We dare you!

Inside The Cave: Something To Tickle the Funny Bone | July 17th, 2012

The Sunday Service is a comedy group that produces a weekly show held at Kozmik Zoo. Nominated for Canada’s Best Improv Group, the collective comic genius of The Sunday Service will be on full display at the Neanderthal Arts Festival.

The Sunday Service is made up of Kevin Lee, known for his improv at Vancouver Theatre Sports and Bronx Cheer; Vancouver's "Bratty Boy" and holder of four Canadian Comedy Award Nominations, Taz VanRassel; and recent Jessie Richardson winner (lead actor in a large theatre role) Ryan Beil. Expect a night of great laughs with the Sunday Service. To find out more about them visit their webpage here

“...escapist, absurd and entertaining above all, but always based on real personalities that just happen to be grappling with hilarious situations.” -  Discorder Magazine