Geocaching Neanderthal-Style. We're Hunting Dinosaurs!

Are you fun? Are you cool? Do you like to do fun, cool stuff in Vancouver? We've got a great opportunity for you. Find all of the dinosaurs we've hidden in Stanley Park and you can win tickets to see some shows at the Neanderthal Arts Festival!

How does it work? It's easy! And more fun than collecting a sack full of rocks.

1. Check out the Neanderthal Arts Festival Geocaching Map. You'll see all of our caches listed with latitude, longitude and an important clue.

2. Grab a bottle of water, a snack and a friend and head down to Stanley Park with your iPhone, Blackberry or whatever else you can use to check the map while you explore.

3. Go to the caches on the map and find 10 different little dinosaurs in boxes. Take a photo holding your discovery up to your face!

4. Don't forget to stay hydrated and eat your snack! Exploring Stanley Park is a good hike!

5. Upload your photos to the Neanderthal Arts Festival Flickr photo group or just send them to us by old fashioned email at Make sure you include your contact info!

6. We'll announce the winners of the ticket draw for those who complete the geocaching hunt!

Now, there may be anthropology and paleontology nerds who are wondering what the heck dinosaurs have to do with Neanderthals. Well, to make a long story short, everything you learned in university was wrong. Neanderthals and dinosaurs used to hang out all the time. Here's the proof!