Update On Neanderthal Arts Festival... | February 15th, 2013

From 2012, Upintheair Theatre will no longer be producing the Neanderthal Arts Festival. For information on Upintheairs new venture rEvolver: the changing stage, please go to www.upintheairtheatre.com, sign up for our newsletter, or "Like" Upintheair on FB at https://www.facebook.com/UpintheairTheatre.

Left Right Minds are currently working on exciting new ways to take the Thal forward...watch this space for more information.

Thank you to everyone who attended Neanderthal from 2010-2012.

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 29th, 2012 | July 29th, 2012

Tonight is the last night of the festival!

We are heart broken that it will be over by this time tomorrow and we will have to look forward to next year. A big thank you to everyone who has come! You still have a couple of chances to see the last remaining shows. Come on out, hit the BBQ out front, and help make us close this festival out with a bang!

So here's what's on tonight:

That is is for this year! If you haven't seen any of the shows above -- tonight is your last chance because after that, they are gone... gone.... on... on....

See you there!

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 28th, 2012 | July 28th, 2012

Saturday night in the Cave!!! 

Our BBQ will be smoking hot, and believe us, you don't want to miss eating tasty smokies in the sunshine.

Tonight we're featuring the fabulous improvisors of The Sunday Service! These improv geniuses will take over the stage of the Historic Theatre and they'll be creating a one-of-a-kind show for you based on all the other shows in Neanderthal 2012. Apparently they are merrily stealing set pieces from other shows and who knows what else they have planned!

So here's what's on tonight:

What you need to know is that it's your very last chance to catch House of X and Tyumen, Then.

If you're keen to see either show, tonight is the night. See you there!



What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 27th, 2012 | July 27th, 2012

The only theatre festival with a BBQ! #thalfestThe weather may not be the best but we're inside the Cave and still cooking up a storm! The BBQ is back today and cooking the whole time (starting at 6:00pm and final dog call around 9:00pm) and we've got a new Reading Series, Christmas Eve in Saigon, kicking it off on this Friday night.

So here's what's on tonight:

Our Toronto vistors are closing out the evening with their awesome show Tyumen, Then at 10:30 pm - don't miss this amazing set of performances. (And, no, they have more shows coming, they are just the last show tonight... no, really, they are coming back tomorrow.)

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 26th, 2012 | July 26th, 2012

Hey, listen up, fellow Neanderthals! It is a special day here in the cave and we're going to be rocking it and rolling it like it is still the Pleistocene! One of our organizers is having a birthday today and we're wondering if you might not bring by a birthday card when you come to see a show tonight. It would be the coolest gesture to just give a small thank you to the festival "behind the scenes" people.

So here's what's on tonight:

  • House of X (Historic - 60 min)
    7:00 pm

  • Encore (Reading Series - 75 min)
    7:00 pm

Congrats to The List for selling out their whole run - the last show is tonight... so if you saw it, you were one of the lucky ones!

However if you are a fan of French-to-English translation, you can certainly come and see Encore - part of our Reading Series (which is admission by donation).

We're also pleased to bring you an early show of Tyumen, Then at 8:15 pm - they're on late tomorrow night at 10:15 if you miss them tonight.

Not to mention... House of X and Stationary will take charge of the Historic Stage... lots going on in the Cave tonight! 

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 25th, 2012 | July 25th, 2012

Ah, it's a beautiful day in Vancouver. Why not check out the Neanderthal Arts Festival?

If you need some convincing, Comrade, you can read the Plank Magazine review of Tyumen, Then (pronounced like Two-Mein - in case you were wondering).

And there are reviews of both The List and House of X in Jo Ledingham's Vancouver Courier write-up.

So here's what's on tonight:

  • The List (Site-specific downstairs kitchen - 50 min)
    7:00 pm

I encourage you to consider seeing Tyumen, Then - it's our national show that came out from Toronto (and is quite a different style than shows created by Vancouver theatre artists). Many thanks to director Andrea Donaldson for bringing her crew out to Vancouver for the West Coast premiere!

Also, I want you to consider checking out House of X - it's a strange exploration of love and violence and relationships. Here's a short quote from one of the audience members at the Plank Magazine talk-back: "I think it's beautiful... that it's this combination of music, gobbledygook, language, poetry, dance...  to me, it was it."

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 24th, 2012 | July 24th, 2012

So - Tuesday night. You need something to do!

You can read all about what The Vancouver Courier has to say about three shows - House of X, The List and STATIONARY.  Then you'll be excited!  Come on down yourself to experience the oh-so-fresh and tempting Neanderthal plays and our reading series!

Here's what's on tonight:

  • Howl Red (Reading Series - By Donation - 100 min)
    6:00 pm
  • STATIONARY (Historic - 60 min)
    7:30 pm
  • Coercion (Lab - 60 min)
    8:45 pm
  • The List (Site-specific downstairs kitchen - 50 min)
    9:00 pm

The bar will be open and the air-conditioning is on.  See you there!

Plank Talk: STATIONARY | July 24th, 2012

Plank is at Neanderthal Arts Festival 2012 and we sat down with the cast of the STATIONARY.

A Recession-Era Musical

Under the fluorescent lights of real life, obligations and social niceties loom large. But in the world of day-dreams, all things are possible. STATIONARY explores the lives of six young people at a moment when big dreams meet reality checks. It's a musical for the generation that has stepped out - bachelor degree in hand - to discover that the world isn't quite what they were promised it would be. It's for the generation that was coached to dream big, only to find there isn't enough room for everyone to be a winner. Real life is disappointing. Singing about it definitely takes the edge off.

"The music, the fresh harmonies, and the lyrics are terrific. Keep your eye on Delinquent Theatre." - Vancouver Courier

"[It's] laugh-out-loud funny... And they are right, some things are better with a ukulele." - gayvancouver.net


Hosted by Riel Hahn. You can find out more about her amazing comedy at http://infidelia.blogspot.ca/

What's On In The Cave Tonight: July 23rd, 2012 | July 23rd, 2012

The cave is dark until tomorrow (hey, even Neanderthals take a day off now and again!) but The House of X, STATIONARY, and Coercion have all been reviewed!

Check out the reviews for STATIONARY here and the reviews for Coercion and House of X over here.

It is so great to see reviews for our pack of shows. The artists work hard to make the shows the best that they can and they deserve a lot of credit! We are thrilled at having some great coverage. We've also been posting the PLANK Magazine Talk Backs and it has been cool to see a few of the audience members getting involved. Check them out and give us your feedback!

Thanks to everyone who have come out to see some great shows and we encourage you to come back for more through this week!

Plank Talk: Tyumen, Then | July 22nd, 2012

The latest Plank Talk is with the cast of Tyumen, Then and hosted by the ever amazing Riel Hahn.

About Tyumen, Then

July 4th, 1941: Trapped in the boxcar of a motionless train, somewhere between Moscow and Siberia, two confined soldiers guard the rousing corpse of Vladimir Lenin. Join these award-winning Toronto theatre artists for a ruthless, wicked, seriously unhinged satire about ideology, war, and the quest for survival.


Hosted by Riel Hahn. You can find out more about her amazing comedy at http://infidelia.blogspot.ca/